May 31, 17:45 - 20:45 at VideoLab, Strijp-S

Lessons Learned while Scaling


JouwWeb is a do-it-yourself website builder platform that is designed for small business owners. Today’s topics are lessons learned in practice.


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Serving domains at scale

How do you deal with almost 100,000 certificates while warding off DDoS attacks and navigating cloud limitations? Managing domain names at scale comes with challenges that you can't StackOverflow your way out of. Join us to find out how we are tackling this and what lessons we learned along the way.


by Koen Kivits - Software Engineer JouwWeb


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Going global

The international launch of our Webador brand had us deck out our system to handle multiple languages under different brands and translation domains. Preparing an application that has naturally grown for a decade for that is no small feat. In this talk we're all about the path to internationalization (i18n) of a humble monolith. From setting up the right tools and processes to tackling almost every edge case conceivable. Find out what it takes to transform a large website (and its websites) into one that can speak any language.


by Sjoerd Nuijten - Software Engineer JouwWeb


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At EHV.DEV, we share lessons learned from practice. 

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